TRIAX TMB1000 Configuration Guide: Terrestrial Channel Processor

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What is the TRIAX TMB 1000?

The TMB1000 is a Terrestrial Channel Processor Headend Unit capable of receiving multiple antenna signals from different sources. Using internal processors the unit will filter and amplify these signals in preparation for the distribution via a coaxial MATV System.

Why you may need a Terrestrial Channel Processor:

A processor like the TMB1000 is able to receive and filter out noise from satellite reception. This allows for a cleaner and less load-intensive signal to be distributed to multiple outputs.

The TMB1000 has multiple benefits for residences or dwellings with multiple users.

  • Requires less equipment overall. With a headend unit, you do not need multiple processing units.
  • Easy to upgrade and maintain. All upgrades only need to be done on one unit.
  • Low interference in terrestrial signals helps relieve input load on the entire system.
  • Universal configuration. Once programmed, all outputs are configured and ready to go.
  • A low-cost way to expand channel processing to more users.

How to program the TRIAX TMB1000:

The TRIAX TMB1000 is a programmable processor and can be complicated to configure. That’s why we have provided a step by step configuration guide for FTA Channels for Victoria (Mt.Dandenong) channels 6,7,8,11,12.

Screenshot of TRIAX TMB1000 User Interface
TRIAX TMB1000 User Interface

To select menu items, cycle across using the right arrow.

To select sub-menu items, cycle down using the – button.


  1. Set Region

When powered on, the unit will ask you to set a region or country.

If this is not the case, to reset the unit, simply unplug the DC, push and hold the ENTER button until ‘RESET FINISHED’ appears on the LCD.

Cycle across the menu and select ‘AUSTRALIA’ and press ENTER.

  1. Select Input

TRAIX TMB1000 Menu Overview
TRIAX TMB1000 Menu Overview

Cycle across and Select ‘INPUT VHF’ and press ENTER.

  1. Selecting Channels

Use + and – to cycle down the submenu.


Cycle until CH 6+7 appears and press ENTER.


Cycle until CH 8 appears and press ENTER.


Cycle until CH 11+12 appears and press ENTER.


TRIAX TMB1000 Channel Output Readings
This graph shows the channel reception for Mt. Dandenong after processing through the TRIAX TMB1000.

You’re done! The TMB1000 should be outputting Australia’s 5 Free to Air Channels from Mt. Dandenong with very little adjacent channel interference.

If this isn’t the case don’t hesitate to give us a call at 9738 0888 and we’ll be happy to help you resolve the issue.


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